Types 080

Sarah Coyle – Photo Chris Keenan

Camden People’s Theatre (2007)

Draw an image of a human figure on a piece of paper.

Pick a font you use to present yourself professionally.

Pick a type that gives you pleasure and one you don’t like seeing/using.

Think on the word woman.

Inspired by the female figure, the word woman and typography this week of research and development fuses artistic forms and perspectives. Playing with ‘open space’ structures this week explores boundaries between language, image and live performance.

TYPES (research and development)participants include:

Alexandra Boussoulega (GR) Ben Pacey (UK) Chris Keenan (UK) Elyssa Livergant (CAN) Louise Platt (UK) Matt Ball (UK) Rania Yfantidou(GR) Sarah Coyle (UK). With contributions from Alex Bulmer (CAN) & The Other Way Works(UK)

With support from Arts Council England and Camden People’s Theatre

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