Sherman Swingers (2012)


Mime by Alan Harris & Prometheus by Kit Lambert

What happens if you group together some of the hottest talent in Welsh theatre, get them to spin a bottle, put a few mattresses on the floor and get them to stay awake all night?  20 Writers, 10 directors, up to 40 actors, a fruit bowl, lots of keys….48 hours to make 20 short pieces of theatre…

Sherman Swingers Writers:

Branwen Davies, Brad Birch, Louise Osborn, Alan Harris, Bethan Marlow, Kit Lambert, Tracy Harris, Rob Evans, Helen Griffin, Philip Ralph, Dafydd James, Katherine Chandler, Matthew Bulgo, Llinos Mai, Katherine Pearce, Tim Price, Manon Wyn, Mark Williams, Keiron Self, Manon Eamnes

Sherman Swingers Directors:

Matt Ball, Branwen D Swain, Sarah Bickerton, Matilde Lopez, Adele Thomas, James Williams, Simon Harris, Yvonne Murphy, Sara Lloyd, Catherine Paskell