Roy’s Wallet


Matt Ball

Pulse Festival, Ipswich & Camden People’s Theatre (2011)

In December 2007 Roy lost his wallet. A wallet full of photos. A wallet full of memories.

A solo performance unpicking the story of two men’s selective memories, Roy’s wallet is a meditation on how we describe ourselves in images.

Made & performed by Matt Ball

“It’s a quietly complex and compelling performance. The writing and delivery is dry and understated, with offbeat humour keeping us chuckling through the ups and downs of Roy’s history. […] It’s an uplifting, and surprising experience, which perfectly wraps up a tender and poignantly comical performance.” Total Theatre

Roy’s Wallet was developed at MAKE and Camden People’s Theatre

This is a short 3(ish) min taster – the footage wasn’t shot for promo purposes, and was recorded at CPT so there’s lots of traffic noise.