Point & Shoot

Photo: Matt Ball

Photo: Matt Ball

Camden People’s Theatre (2005)

Point & Shoot explores the dark side of obsession. Flora’s passion is photography, but she herself may be dissolving behind the lens. The boundaries between reality, recollection and imagination become blurred while the photograph remains an artefact – impartial, unyielding and proof beyond doubt. Inspired by the Human Motion Studies of Eadweard Muybridge, Point & Shoot invites you to follow Flora as she produces her ultimate work.

Devised by the company

Performers: Clare Houlton & Dani Dani Machancoses

Lighting: Ben Pacey

Designer: Susannah Henry

Director: Matt Ball

Produced by Pleasure Seekers

Developed at Camden People’s Theatre


Clare Houlton & Dani Machancoses

Clare Houlton & Dani Machancoses