Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco (2014)

By Gary Owen


Jordan Bernarde as Gary – Photo: Farrows Creative/ Waking Exploits

Chapter, Cardiff & Tour

Saturday night in a small Welsh town. Testosterone, booze and drug-fuelled messiness. Standard.

The lives of a school bully turned territorial hard man, a geek yearning to escape and a would-be karaoke king play out in a tale of lust, violence, revenge and the quest for the perfect girl.

A razor-sharp portrait of masculinity in crisis, Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco is by turns desolate and lifeaffirming, heart-breaking and hilarious, everyday and remarkable.

Director: Matt Ball

Designer: Alison Neighbour

Lighting Designer: Jane Laljee

Sound Designer: Chris Young

Producers: Michael Salmon & Iain Goosey for Waking Exploits

[…] director Matt Ball cleverly chooses to allow those actors not in the spotlight to interact with the protagonist of the moment, either verbally or physically, thus upping the ante on a visual level.

British Theatre Guide

“[…] theatre this visceral, this menacing and this real does not come around often.”   ****

The Good Review

“[…]thought-provoking and a rather intense”  ****

“It’s not one for the faint-hearted, the narrow-minded nor the easily offended, but it is one for those hard knocks out there who relish Welsh drama.”

Young Critics